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Winsol Blue

Winsol Blue

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​Professional Window Washing Concentrate (fragrance free)

Winsol Blue is a highly concentrated formula that really packs a punch. One gallon activates 512 gallons of window washing fluid; with only 1/4 of ounce needed for every gallon of water!

Winsol Blue is great for window frames and screens, chandeliers and lighting fixtures, signage including neon tubes, pressure washing buildings and equipment and more!

This incredible fragrance-free formula works hard and does not leave residue or streaks behind. WINSOL BLUE eliminates blade drag while staying wet longer allowing you to finish your best work.

This formula is tough on dirt and grime but gentle on the environment! It is biodegradable, very mild and is safe to use by hand on most all surfaces considered water washable.This formula has been field tested and approved by industry professionals.

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