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Ready to use Enzyme-based Cleaner for Pet messes or Organic Waste

​TRIO Plus enzyme-based cleaner is a ready-to-use extremely effective odor eliminator, odor encapsulator and stain remover!

TRIO Plus works incredibly well for both consumer and commercial applications. The selectively adapted bacterial organisms are used to control odors and stains caused by organic waste, oil, grease, fats, pet stains, vomit, blood, etc.

​TRIO's multi-strain enzyme formula does not just mask odors but it works by removing the source so it does not return! This is the perfect solution for anyone wanting an environmentally friendly and cost effective approach to pet,food, restroom, and organic odor control.

TRIO is great for pet messes, garbage cans, carpet, pretreatment for laundry, or any washable surface or fabric with organic odors!

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