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Specialty Fabric Cleaner

Specialty Fabric Cleaner

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Use for instant removal of fingerprints and greasy smudges from stainless steel, titanium, aluminum and most metal surfaces!

WINSOL SPECIAL METALS CLEANER is a non-corrosive formula designed to release oily fingerprints and greasy smudges as well as residues left by other maintenance products, leaving the surface bright and shiny as new.

Easy to use; just spray on and wipe off with a damp cloth. Leaves no residues to attract resoiling and it helps reduce the effect of additional fingerprinting. The clean surfaces will resist re-smudging and will stay cleaner longer. Routine maintenance will keep stainless steel, titanium, aluminum clean and bright!

Ideally suited for elevator hardware and doors, wall panels, door plates, escalators, hand railings, restroom fixtures, window frames and most any metal hardware.

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