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Coffee & Tea Stain Remover

Coffee & Tea Stain Remover

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Coffee & Tea Stain Remover is an incredible solution that has been specifically formulated to break up and neutralize the dyes associated with coffee, tea and colas.

Coffee, tea, and colas have difficult tannins that are difficult to lift out of carpets and other fabrics. We have formulated a user friendly tannin-release product that will not react poorly with other cleaners. Fast, economical and easy to use, Coffee and Tea Stain Remover is a ready to use solution that will attack coffee and tea stains!

Always keep a spray bottle handy to pre-spot during walk-throughs or as a post cleaning touch-up to finish the job. Keep a bottle handy anywhere beverages could be spilled; around coffee pots, in offices, or in your kitchen!

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