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Area Rug Cleaner

Area Rug Cleaner

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The Area Rug Cleaner is unsurpassed in its ability to remove deeply embedded dirt and grime from specialty and exotic area rugs and carpets.

The Area Rug Cleaner quickly emulsifies greases and prevents soils from redepositing on carpets yet it leaves all fibers with a soft, smooth hand and a long lasting luster and sheen!

The Area Rug Cleaner is non-toxic and will thoroughly clean any material that is considered water washable. After shampooing or bonnet cleaning, the soils may be readily extracted or vacuumed away.

This excellent cleaner is mild (pH 8-9) and is safe for most exotic, oriental and Persian carpets. It is free of harsh or strong chemicals which may damage or yellow fabrics or harm the environment!

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