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APC-120 WX

APC-120 WX

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Industrial and Institutional Cleaning Concentrate

WINSOL APC-120-WX is a very concentrated, biodegradable anionic detergent that releases its power in water. When used to remove oils, greases and grime, WINSOL APC-120-WX emulsifies those oils and converts them into a type of basic soap (saponification) that actually supports the ability of this product to continue to clean.

WINSOL APC-120-WX will thoroughly clean any surface that is considered water washable. Use it to remove residues from heavy smoke damage, stain accumulation, grease and oily stains.

WINSOL APC-120-WX is safe for washable soft goods such as carpets and upholsteries and will increase enzymatic action when mixed with WINZYME enzyme concentrate or other specialized cleaning agents.

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