Tips & Tricks

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Bright ideas from our bright customers.  Often referred to as the "I knew that" or the "I should of thought of that" files.

Never be stingy with business cards.
   Jim Bergum
   Bergum's Professional Cleaning
   Kent, Wa.

It's easier to schedule a return appointment to clean while still in the home.  By doing this, your customer can  schedule around you rather than trying to fit you into an already established schedule later.
   Ken Raddon
   Blue Streak Cleaning
   Salt Lake City, UT.

Send a thank you note to potential customers for allowing you to bid on a job, even if you have not received it yet.  This may be the thing that sets you apart from the crowd.
   Wayne Champion
   Champion's Upholstery and Carpet Cleaning
   Ollala. WA.
Always, ALWAYS follow up!  This may be your only opportunity to fix a problem that may have cost you a loyal customer.
   Jim Magby
   A. J. Cleaning
   Renton, WA.

Things not to forget when interviewing potential employees: Colorblindness (for stain and chemical recognition), basic math skills and allergies to fragrances and/or chemicals.
   Chuck Gilson
   Chuck's Carpet Cleaning
   Olympia, WA

A common problem when cleaning offices is staples in the carpet.  Instead of trying to vacuum them out or using your fingers, try needle nosed pliers.
   Richard LaForce
   LaForce Carpet Cleaning
   Santa Maria, CA.

When a customer is interested in a spotter they can use after you have gone, do what I do.  Mix 2 ounces of WINSOL S-220 in a quart of water, add a sprayer and demonstrate it on soiled upholstery.  Blot with a white towel. The results guarantee a sale.  I charge $10 for the quart.
   Ken Raddon
   Blue Streak Cleaning
   Salt Lake City, UT.

If you can, attend Chamber of Commerce and Association of Realtors meetings.  These can be great sources of new leads.
   John Surdi
   Crystal Carpet Cleaning
   Bellvue, WA.

Put a lady's nylon knee high stocking over the brass filter in your screen filtration system.  When it gets clogged just exchange it for a new one.  It's quick, easy and your brass filter will last longer and stay cleaner.
   Steve Andrews
   Royal Carpet Care
   Kissimmee, FL.

Streaking continues to be a problem on olefin and olefin-nylon blend berber carpet.  This is often caused by areas where the carpet is left wetter from the overlapping of cleaning strokes.  This type of carpet can benefit greatly by application of the cleaner as a pre-spray and using reduced pressure when extracting.  Mix in a few additional dry passes and streaking and browning both can be brought under control.
   WINSOL Staff

Bring carpet swatches or give-away door mats with you to every job.  Lay them down before you start so you don't track dirt into the home you are about to clean.  A little professionalism can go a long way.
   Vince Attardo
   Coastline Enterprises
   Long Beach, CA.

Slow down and take your time.  Do a good, thorough job the first time and avoid call backs
   Jack Woolsey
   Woolsey's Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning
   Issaquah, WA.

When doing a hot stain removal or using reducing agents use a wall paper steamer instead of an iron as your heat source.  This works much quicker because of the extra steam.  The moist heat will allow you to become a more efficient, faster cleaner.
   Steve Andrews
   Royal Carpet Care
   Kissimmee, FL.

We are all aware of the pH levels of our cleaning products.  However, not many people stop to test the water.  This can vary from city to city and house to house.  Before building a pH critical solution test the local water source.
   Joyce Sand
   Emanuel's Rug & Upholstery
   Seattle, WA.

Whenever you see new residential construction within your service area, make a note of it.  You can bet these people will need a carpet cleaner in 12-18 months.  When the time comes, canvas the entire area with a mailer or door hangers advertising your business.
   WINSOL Staff

When cleaning upholstery, make sure to test your most alkaline product on all the colors in a pattern, and if possible, unzip the cushion and try it on the back of the fabric as well.  It's best to know ahead of time if your products are compatible with all the dyes and fabrics including backings.
   CCINW Conference

Before cleaning a piece of upholstered furniture open all zippered cushions and check for assembly marks written in ink on the foam.  Make sure to cover these marks with plastic or foil so they won't bleed through during cleaning.
   WINSOL Staff

This old kernel holds true in any business.  "If you're not sure don't do it!"
   WINSOL Staff

If a customer points out that your price is higher than the competition don't disagree (or drop your price).  Instead, explain the benefits of your superior service features.  A good value for money explanation will make most people happy to spend a few extra dollars.
   Customers First Newsletter

Make sure you have ALL the facts before you offer to reclean a carpet for a dissatisfied customer.  I recleaned an orange carpet 3 times after the original cleaning because a white powder kept mysteriously reappearing on it after drying.  If I had talked to the housekeeper, not just the home owner, I would have found out she had been sprinkling it with carpet freshening powder after I left each time.
   Gordon Hansen
   Hansen Services
   Longview, WA

Send cleaning reminders via first class mail to everyone you have not cleaned in 8 months to a year.  This way if they have moved you will get the returned mail and be able to keep your data base up to date.
   Murray Kahrnoff
   General Carpet, Upholstery & Drapery Cleaning
   Hayward, CA.

After finishing a carpet cleaning regardless of the process used there is still some amount of food left in the carpet around the dinner table.  Before leaving I spray the area with WINSOL WinZyme Concentrate.  It rids any remaining waste residue before it can degenerate and leave odors, grease and oil spots to attract more stains.  Mentioning this extra step to customers makes them happy and more confident with our service leading to increased repeat customers.
   Larry Russick
   Larry's Carpet Cleaning
   Bridgeport, CT.

Try to show a little creativity getting customers.  I have gone to movie theaters as a paying customer, looked around, and then asked to see the manager.  I find it much easier to get his attention to cleaning details I have noticed than with a cold call.  I can show him the problem areas first hand and it is easier to schedule a call-back to discuss a solution.  The manager even feels more comfortable dealing with one of his "customers".  I have landed a few large chains this way and even enjoyed some movies.
   Mike Andrews
   A Cleaner Environment
   Arlington, TX.

If you live where freezing temperatures are a possibility and have a water heater in your van instead of a heat exchanger just light the pilot light and your van will stay above freezing all night long and save some big repair bills.
   Terry Smith
   Professional Cleaning Services
   Eureka, CA.

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