Letters, we get lots of letters. 

     Since starting my own company in 1988, I have hand picked every product I use, and get my products from several sources.  I would not have the consistent, safe and successful results I achieve on jobs without SE-750 in my arsenal.  If I can't get a spot out with 750, I am positive that it's permanent.  I use it straight on spots, where needed, and with shampoo and water with a hand brush on high traffic soiled areas.  It's also safe on most upholstery, although I recommend it diluted with water.  In closing, until someone can show me another product that gets that great of results I will continue to use WINSOL SE-750.  It's a great confidence builder
     Jeff Kathan
     Universal Carpet Cleaners
     Federal Way, WA.

     "...At first we used Brown Out on only the worst carpets, those that someone else had tried to clean.  They were dull and didn't show their true colors.  Then we tried it on a yellow shag that must have had a motor changed on it.  I didn't think it would come clean.  We pre-sprayed with Brown Out, worked it in, then shampooed with your S-220 (carpet shampoo), and extracted with plain water.  The carpet came out so pretty, bright and clean, I was amazed.  Thank you for Brown Out.  We don't clean a carpet now without using Brown Out first.
     Don and Ellen Thompson
     A-1 Carpet Care
     Sedro Wooley, WA.

     WINSOL AT-900 is an important part of my cleaning arsenal.  It gives me the flexibility I could not find with other extraction cleaners.  Whenever I find that I need to beef up my cleaning solution it is much easier to add a little AT-900 liquid as it mixes immediately unlike most powders.  I also use it as a builder with enzymes or other products for pre-spotting and for traffic lanes.  Another big plus is that it has a completely neutral odor so that I can use fragrances and deodorizers to suit the particular job allowing me to use a fragrance that is acceptable to my customers or use deodorizers that are more powerful or effective on different odor problems.  I guess I can just sum it up by saying that AQUA TERGE 900 makes my job easier.  Thanks WINSOL.
     Jerry Golden
     Golden Quick Dry
     South Beach, OR.

     Thank you for creating for the professional an excellent product, namely S-200 & S-220.  I brush it in real well and then extracted with a mild dilution.  If an area is very heavily soiled I hit it again with the horse hair brush and extract again.  The results are fabulous.  I just cleaned 22 secretary chairs at a local real estate facility using 4 Oz. of S-220 and 2 Oz. of citrus booster, and they turned out great.  It took 3 hours and paid $450.00.  I then protected them with WINSOL GUARD 690+.  Thanks once again for selling some of the finest, most efficient cleaning agents in production today.
     Ken Raddon
     Blue Streak Cleaning
     Salt Lake City, UT.

     The owners of a wool rug were hesitant  in letting another cleaner have a go at their carpet.  It still had a number of brown spots from the previous cleaner as well as a few years of dirt and grime.  Using only 2 ounces of AREA RUG CLEANER in a gallon of water, I pre-sprayed the area and waited for 10 minutes.  The owners were startled to actually see the colors improve during the dwell time.  I then gently extracted using a portable unit with a very dilute solution of AQUA TERGE 900 and the carpet was as beautiful as the day it was installed.
     Frank Little
     Bestway Cleaning
     Coeur d'Alene, ID.

     A third generation home owner was concerned about a very old and dirty wool carpet which hadn't been truly cleaned in decades and never rinsed, only shampooed.  The home owner was concerned that her children were developing rashes from playing on the carpet.  I used POWER 9000 and thoroughly extracted the carpet.  Upon examining the waste tank, the water was black and thick as molasses and the odor was unbearable.  I recommended a second cleaning but it actually took two more before the rinse ran clear.  Not only was the home owner ecstatic about how soft , clean and pleasant smelling the carpet was.  She was further amazed to discover a rose pattern in the carpet she had never seen before.
     Ed Merrit
     South Hill Carpet & Upholstery
     Puyallup, WA.

     The morning after cleaning a carpet and treating with 690+ I received a call from a customer.  She told me that night her daughter had spilled an entire plate of hot spaghetti.  Pasta and thick, red sauce went everywhere.  She felt the carpet would be ruined, but decided to clean what she could.  To her amazement she was able to remove all traces of the spaghetti sauce from her carpet.  She was delighted with my work.  With WINSOL GUARD 690+ service doesn't end when you walk out the door.
     John Hendrix
     The Cleaning Company
     North Bend, WA.

     Several months ago a distributor of your chemicals brought us a sample of MOCAL, your odor absorber as well as the MSDS for this product.  We registered it with our Poison Control Center and used it to control odors in the burn unit and with some of our cancer patients.  We found it very effective and benign in nature.
     Susan Bertraff
     Environmental Services, Children's Orthopedic Hospital and Medical Center
     Seattle, WA.

     Approximately 6-8 months ago we began experimenting with POWER Up in our van-mounted carpet cleaning process.  At first we used it only on carpeting that was considered lost cause carpeting.  We mixed 1/2 to 3/4 cup per 5 gallons of carpet cleaning concentrate.  We were pleased with the results, but most important, our customers were happy.  We have since started using POWER UP as a booster on all of our moderate to heavily soiled carpet jobs.  POWER UP seems to allow us to strengthen our concentrate without the usual browning problems, and we have found that it does save time in carpet cleaning.  We have used it as a booster on extremely soiled upholstery and have had good results using it as a follow-up spray on Haitian cotton.  One of our technicians uses it as a pre-spray on most of the light to white carpets that he cleans.  We are finding that POWER UP is a versatile addition to our carpet and upholstery cleaning products.
     Carl Haan
     Northwest Professional Services
     Lynden, WA.

     We have been in fire/smoke restoration for some time now and have used SPICE since you brought it out.  It has done a magnificent job of deodorizing any situation.  Upholstery cleaning is greatly simplified by mixing SPICE and pre-spray (1 OZ/Gal).  Carpets are easily handled with 3 Oz/5 gallons of rinse water or for heavier odor situations, using 1-3 Oz./Gal. of pre-spray..  In mid-December we cleaned a home which had a fire-loss.  The home owner was very concerned about the cleaning agent we would be using because of her heightened sensitivity to many chemicals and odors.  She was very relieved to find that we would be using a hypo-allergenic agent and was ecstatic when SPICE left a very pleasant fragrance with no trace of smoke odor.  We also used SPICE to launder her clothing and bedding (1/4-1/2 Oz per large load).  She has found no trace of odor since.  Thank you for providing a product which works so well and makes my work so easy.  Now if you only made employees.
     Clair Eversmeyer
     C & C Custodial and Restoration
     Juneau, AK

     As a Certified Cleaner with over 8 years experience, I have tried many different cleaning products.  Most failed to meet my expectations, especially chemicals formulated for spin-bonnet cleaning.  Then I discovered WINSOL's SPIN ' N CLEAN.  This is by far, the most effective bonnet cleaning chemical I have ever used.  Even some carpets I would ordinarily clean with a hot water extraction method, will clean very nicely with SPIN 'N CLEAN.  When I first started using the product I conducted my own test for residual resoiling on a high traffic, light colored cut-pile carpet in a local retail store.  Not only did the carpet clean beautifully, but after 6 weeks there was no noticeable increase in the resoiling rate.  I have yet to experience a resoiling problem on any carpet I have cleaned with SPIN 'N CLEAN.  Now I am using it exclusively for all my upholstery cleaning and as a pre-spray with my truck mounted hot water extractor.  SPIN 'N CLEAN rinses very nicely, is safe on any washable fabric and simply will not contribute to resoiling.  I am cleaning with better results and more confidence than ever before.  Every serious cleaner should try this product!
     Jim Hoover
     WIllamette Carpet Cleaning
     Corvallis, OR.

     I received a call from my brother-in-law, who is a plumber, who needed help with an odor problem on a newly remodeled house he was working on.  There was an obnoxious odor coming from a bathroom where they had decided the odor was coming from under the tub or in the wall.  When we pulled out the tub we discovered that a family of rats had been living there and had been closed in when the wall was finished.  We pulled out 14 rats from the area.  I saturated the space with DR-450 and let it dry.  When we came back the next day the smell was completely gone, and stayed gone.
     Richard LaForce
     LaForce Carpet Cleaning
     Santa Maria, CA.

     Recently, while cleaning a home, I discovered the owner's cat had vomited several times on the new carpet.  After cleaning the carpet I suggested an application of AS-600.  The owner flatly refused, saying that if the protectant that came with the carpet didn't work additional protectant would probably be a waste of money.  I offered to protect half the area on which the cat usually vomited, at no charge.  If she liked it, I would be glad to do the rest.  Within a week the cat was up to it's old tricks and the customer was very impressed with the cleanability of the treated area.  I was asked to come back and treat the entire carpet.
     John Tucker
     Tucker's Carpet and Upholstery Care
     Bremerton, WA.

     I was asked to do a small job for a lady who had recently sold a long established carpet cleaning business.  She asked me to do a small bedroom in her home.  The next day I was called back to do the entire home.  Knowing of her recent sale of the business I was curious as  to why she had called me in.  She told me she was aware of my work and wanted to see how I worked.  She seemed very impressed with how clean and fresh the carpet looked and wanted the rest of the house brought up to that standard.  I had wanted to do a special job for her so I pre-sprayed with TLC-100 and extracted with POWER 9000.  It always pays to use the very best.
     Gordon Hansen
     Hansen services
     Longview, WA.

     I continue to recommend WINSOL WINZYME because of the excellent results that I have attained.  The products high concentration, environmental safety and excellent elimination of various stains and odors that I have encountered have greatly contributed to my continued use of WINZYME over other enzyme products.  In my experience with other enzymes I have needed to return to the sight of the stain or odor and reapply the product.  When I first used your product I expected to return, but I have yet encountered a situation where I have needed to.  I am saving time and money with WINZYME.  In addition to this, I greatly appreciate the fact that this product is safe for the environment.  Many companies today still do not take the appropriate measures to protect the earth.  In my opinion everyone should support a company such as WINSOL Laboratories for their continued research and development of environmentally safe cleaning products.
     Martin James
     Have It Maid Carpet Cleaning
     Seattle, WA.



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