private label custom blend shampoo bath body natural oil

Luxury Private Labeled Personal Care And Hair Products 

Healthy, Invigorating, Supremely Seductive Shampoos And Conditioners 

Formulated To Deliver Your Brand For The Most Discriminating Clientele

private label custom blend shampoo bath body natural oilprivate label custom blend shampoo bath body natural oilprivate label custom blend shampoo bath body natural oil

WINSOL Laboratories offers four decades of experience to those seeking to private label shampoos, conditioners, moisturizers, non-aerosol hair sprays, shower gels, serums, finishing sprays, M-oil and other spa quality custom made products guaranteed to exceed your highest expectations.

Using the purest, most active forms of natural materials, such as Aloe Vera Gel, Organic Jojoba, Fennel Seed, Vitamin B-5, Sunflower Seed, Tocopherol Vitamin E, Silk and Keratin Proteins as the formula base.  We offer a wide range of products that synthetic based formulas are unable to duplicate for advanced hair care.

Our focus has been on using the highest quality, naturally derived raw materials and the most advanced technology to formulate this superior and unique line of personal care toiletries. We employ no animal testing.  And no sulfates or Parabens are used in any of our products.

Let us help you design and build a brand custom made to fit your marketing plan.  Please call or email us for free quotes on your private label needs.   You not only get the best price possible when buying direct from the manufacturer but you are never involved in a price war with your competition as only you sell your exclusive brand of products.

private label custom blend shampoo bath body natural oil- Healthier Hair And Skin

- Natural, Fantastic Aromas

- Superior Hydrating And Longevity Properties

- Luxurious Lathering

- We Offer 100% Control And Customization Of Your Formula

- Trained Professionals To Offer You Continuous Customer Support


Use our Private Label Request Form to begin a free, confidential project evaluation



private label custom blend shampoo bath body natural oil

WINSOL Laboratories

1417 NW 51st St

Seattle, WA 98107

PH: 800-782-5501 or 206-782-5500

FAX: 206-782-5848

private label custom blend shampoo bath body natural oil

WINSOL Laboratories is a research & development manufacturing company specializing in hard-to-manufacture and unique chemistry products.  Our personal care creations are formulated using only food and cosmetic grade chemicals, essential oils and premium plant ingredients.  We offer a custom brand you are proud to put your name on.

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Can I buy private label shampoos and conditioners in vegan formulations?

All of our shampoos, conditioners, lotions, bubble baths, scrubs, gels and hair and custom body products are available as vegan formulas with your brand and label.

Must I buy a large minimum amount to start my custom luxury hair care label?

No, our batch sizes are some the smallest in the industry.  e.g., 1,000 12 oz or 1,400 8 oz bottles as examples of our runs for shampoos, soaps, aromatherapy and most other private label brands.

Does buying a natural soap or shampoo mean it will not foam as much as others?

No, nothing is lost to have the health benefits of natural fragrances and ingredients in any of our soaps, shampoos, conditioners and personal care toiletries.

Is there a fee to get a quote on custom formulation and manufacturing for my hair care or body product?

We will match a shampoo, conditioner, soap, gel or lotion project to an existing formula or create a custom formula at no cost.  Simply answer all of the questions on our Private Label Request Form and click the submit button to reach one of our custom formulators.

Does WINSOL make anything other than shampoos and conditioners?

Yes we have an entire line of wholesale bath and body toiletries, body lotion, bath oils, non-aerosol hair sprays, shower gels, styling creams, molding creams, mousse, shine serums, pomades, natural fragrance aromatherapy, essential oils and bubble bath in bulk or labeled.

Why should I private label my own shampoo, soap or conditioner?

With a private label you control the quality and set the price.  There is no competition for a custom made hair or body care formula that has been private labeled with your name on it.

Can you add my scent to liquid soap, shower gel, shampoo or conditioner?

 Yes, send us your blend or choose from our essential oils.

Can I buy unscented bases in bulk and add my own scent, or do my own bottling?

Yes, we are happy to sell lotions, gels, soaps, or any hair formulas in bulk.

Will you sign a Confidentiality Agreement?

Yes, we offer non-disclosure agreements on any shampoo, soap or other hair or body formulations.

Is there an expected shelf life on your products?

Shelf life is stated as: one year from date of manufacture.  Product shelf life can be extended or reduced dependent upon the type of product, level of essential oils in the product, preservative type selected, product storage, and so forth.  Environmental extremes, hot or cold, UV light, etc. can have a negative impact on the stability of the product.  Generally, product should be stored in a cool, dry location away from direct sunlight.


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