WINSOL Laboratories
              Crime Scene Clean-up
                           No matter how messy the crime scene or how
                         involved the clean-up your customers expect results
                                Even if crime doesn't pay, you can't afford to let the same thing be
                                said about your business.  Let our line of professional products make
                                your work more effective and cut down the time you spend on site.
                                We have the chemicals you need to clean, disinfect and deodorize all
                                types of bio-waste as well as the normal soiling after the police,
                                EMT's and evidence technicians have done their worst.  Our forty
                                years of experience will help you take your bite out of crime.

                                Biological waste doesn't have to be anymore difficult to clean-up than
                                any other type of stain.  Our cleaning products will make short work of
                                any soiling: oil, grease, blood, human or animal waste, urine and
                                body fluids.  All lift out with minimum effort.

                                Of course your job doesn't end with the cleaning nor does ours.  We
                                can provide you with odor control agents and an effective iodophor
                                wide spectrum disinfectant to eliminate most blood-borne pathogens
                                including: HIV, E. Coli, Samonella, Herpes and tubercle bacillus.
                                Remember, you are not only responsible for your safety as well as
                                your workers but you may well be taken to court for health problems
                                contracted by the property owners after completion of your work.

                                From simple burglaries to multiple homicides your crime scene clean
                                up responsibilities remain the
same and so does ours.  Get it clean
                                quickly, safely and efficiently so that
life and business can go on.
                                WINSOL can be the silent partner you
depend on when your good
                                name is on the line.




         Winsol is pleased to have an established vendor program for all
members of the American Bio-Recovery Association.
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