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Awnings, awnings everywhere and dirt is in the air.  Every type of business from mom-and-pop stores to national chains, all have discovered the benefits of having distinctive, colorful,  eye catching awnings to advertise their place of business. From small doorway canopies to block long sidewalk awnings you'll find them everywhere.  All awnings require regular cleaning.  Vinyl awnings require regular sealing and canvas and woven canvas fabrics like Sunbrella need scheduled waterproofing and stain protection.
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WINSOL produces cleaners, sealers, waterproofers and eradicators for the vinyl fabric mills and producers of woven fabrics.  We are the most trusted name in awning maintenance chemicals in the world.  Our products are the safest, easiest to use and the most widely accepted products available.  Is there ANY reason you should trust your business name and your customers expensive vinyl or woven fabric awnings and canopies to any other brand of cleaner.  Our cleaners and sealers are also the best available products for detailing cars, RV's and all types of boats.  Any type of vinyl, tarp, tent, canvas, boat cover or outdoor fabric will come clean easier and be protected better with WINSOL products.

Follow the links below to get details on the individual products as well as pricing and a printable MSDS.

For detailed cleaning and care instructions use our maintenance guide.
For a quick course on awning cleaning you can view this How To Video.


        Deep Clean - Our basic heavy duty cleaner for all awnings and outdoor fabrics.  Just adjust the dilution and you can safely clean, remove a stain and get rid of streaks on any vinyl or canvas style fabric like Sunbrella..

        Cleaner and Protectant - Our exclusive one-step cleaner, sealer and UV protection for any vinyl including eradicable vinyl awnings.

        Awning Fabric Spot Remover - How to remove difficult stains (roof tar, bird droppings, tree sap, fresh paint, etc.) from all open weave canvas or acrylic fabrics.


        Awning Armor - Designed to replace plasticizers, provide added UV protection and restore the original manufacturer's level of sheen on any vinyl awning including back lit eradicable fabrics.

        Xtra Shine - Provides all of the benefits an UV protection of Awning Armor but gives a higher gloss on any vinyl awning.


        Awning Guard 690+ - How to water proof canvas type fabric awnings and add a stain repellent protection to Sunbrella and any other canvass fabric.
        Polyclean - Non-abrasive cleaner and clearing agent for acrylic and polycarbonate signs like Lexan or plexiglas.
        Dirty Bird - Safe and easy product to remove bird waste from any surface.



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"It is so much easier to have a complete system for cleaning vinyl and canvas fabric built around so few chemicals."
Daytona Beach, FL

"We can get out streaks in vinyl and restore the shine with no worry of harming expensive fabrics since changing to your cleaners and sealers.  Thanks so much."
Pasadena, CA

"My crew can clean and restore vinyl awnings without me having to worry about any damage being done with your goof proof chemicals."
Portland, OR

"Streaks, stains and pollution no longer trouble me with your awning cleaner and sealer."
Patterson, NJ

"We have started doing more awnings and canopies after finding we could rely on your cleaners."
Houston, TX

"After 10 years of cleaning awnings we have still found no better cleaners or sealers than yours."
St. Louis, MO


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