EXPOSED WOOD

If soot or smoke is only light and there is the possibility of getting by without repainting we recommend using a sponge or towel that is merely damp to remove as much soot as possible.  This step can prevent soil being transferred deep into the surface with any excess water where it may show later as a permanent stain.

Spray or sponge using APC-120 or CLEANSALL applying from the bottom up on walls to help prevent "clean streaking" using clean terry towels if possible.  Rinse and wipe the surface clean.

WINSOL APC-120 can be used where the deposits are not so bad as to absolutely require repainting and it will not harm the paint.  WINSOL CLEANSALL will begin to prep the paint for repainting and can save time and effort when repainting is your plan.

If walls are heavily damaged and restoration and repainting are necessary then  the use merely damp applicators is unnecessary and aggressive cleaning with  CLEANSALL is recommended followed by sealing of the repaired surfaces prior to repainting.

WINSOL SPICE can be used to hold down odors during repairs as its Mal Odor properties will pull offensive odors from the air and give temporary relief.

Get as much ventilation as possible both to speed drying time and for added relief from smoke odors which are unhealthy as well as unpleasant.