-DEVIL'S TOWER, WY.-  (Jan. 3, 2004)
Excited campers, park rangers, federal investigators and the just plain curious appeared in droves over the weekend as the millennium ushered in a wave of U.F.O. sightings around Devil's Tower National Monument.  All witness's were in agreement as to the basic facts, that several saucer shaped objects were seen hovering near the famous landmark.  Speculation is that the objects were more visible than usual because they were, according to statements, "really, really clean and shiny."

The real mystery, though, is the meaning of the strange symbols left inscribed on the southern surface of the tower itself.  It is unknown whether the symbols represent an attempt at communication, alien humor or perhaps even the worlds first extraterrestrial advertisement.  Whatever the meaning, it's sure to be something that will be seen a lot more of in the future as the world's scientists try to decipher the hidden meaning of "WINSOL" and its importance to the remarkably clean alien craft.


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