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Pictured here are different types of the effects of glass corrosion.  Water spots, building run off and pollution can cause haze, streaks, rainbow effects and cloudiness.  Water spots and building run off if left unchecked will cause erosion damage on any glass over time.  About 95% of the corrosion on glass is currently in the Stage I condition and can be easily removed with CRYSTAL CLEAR 550 leaving a smooth optically clear window.  Your clients and your pocket book will both appreciate your knowledge in how to to remove water spots, clouds and haze quickly and easily with CRYSTAL CLEAR 550.

       Stage I Corrosion on Hotel Window


Hotel windows water stains foggy hazy glass windows spots stains shower doors Glass with Stage I Stains can usually be restored

Option one: Do nothing and eventually have to replace the glass.
Option two: Manually polish the glass.  Pros: Most of the surface damage can be polished away. Cons: Very labor intensive, may be even be more expensive than replacing the glass.
Option three: Clear the glass with CRYSTAL CLEAR.  Pros: Eliminates most all water spots, haze and clouding that damage optical clarity and requires no new equipment or special training.  This type of restoration is fast, easy and very profitable.  Cons: Local glass glaziers will be unhappy when they lose the sale of the glass replacement.

Eroded Glass Causes Light to Prism and Gives Rainbow Effect




building glass windows shower doors spots stains runoff alkaline acid rain runoffThese panes show the glass canopy at the Seattle Center after a washing of both sides but a CRYSTAL CLEAR application on the panes on the right - years of haze gone in an instant.  You can now restore virtually all glass that is not physically damaged or in a Stage II corrosion condition quickly and efficiently.  Say good-bye to water spots, haze, streaking and cloudiness.

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 Before                       After

CRYSTAL CLEAR 550 GLASS CLEARING AGENT - Designed to remove stage 1 alkaline buildup on glass.  Eliminates alkaline residues, exhaust particles, chemical and mineral deposits, water spots and the runoff from brick, concrete and mortar.  Excellent for new building cleanups.  Restores the surface clarity of glass by reducing the effects of minute pitting and hard water buildup.

APC 100 WINDOW WASHING CONCENTRATE - A Very highly concentrated window washing detergent and wetting agent.  One ounce makes three gallons of RTU window cleaner.  Provides excellent slip to reduce blade chatter and dries residue free.  Buildable with ammonia, alcohol or TSP as desired.

APC 120 WINDOW WASHING CONCENTRATE - Now you can have the superior high concentration of APC 100 with even more wetting agents to make our most slippery glass cleaner yet.  We have also added a fresh, crisp lemon fragrance that will deodorize and freshen the air while you clean.

POLYCLEAN NON ABRASIVE CLEANER AND CLEARING AGENT - Softens and removes paints, plastic residues, waxes, grease, tar, smoke, rubber and marker graffiti from Lexan® and PlexiGlas® type Polycarbonates.  Safe for use indoors and out.  Ideal for schools, hotels, restaurants, newspaper boxes, signage,  any place requiring routine maintenance and emergency graffiti removal.

SCREEN AND FRAME CLEANER - Quick and easy one-step maintenance for all types of window and door screens, including: aluminum, fiberglass, nylon or vinyl screens and frames. Cleans and seals surfaces so that subsequent cleanings are easier and more effective. Helps protect against UV degradation, pollution, bird droppings and many other potentiahazards. 

ALUMA-WASH - WINSOL ALUMA-WASH is a non corrosive formula designed for regular maintenance to remove oily dirt, greasy smudges and pollution residues as well as any residues left by previous maintenance products.  WINSOL ALUMA WASH will help prevent smudges from appearing. And, it has aluminum blushing inhibitors to help prevent tarnishing.
Recommended For:   Stainless Steel,  Aluminum,  Anodized Metal  
Cleans:   Buildings, Trucks, Wall Panels, Door Plates, Hand Railings,  Rest Room Fixtures, Window Frames, Most Metal Surfaces

SUPER SLIP - Our new wetting agent for increased blade slip and slower evaporation time.  Gives you more time to work on a window and helps eliminate blade chatter while reducing wear of the blade.  This allows you to save time and money while making your cleaning as effort free as science can allow.

  550 information in Spanish


Professional window washers trying to remove alkaline haze, runoff, water spots, sprinkler spots, foggy glass, haze caused by pollution, spotting or streaks from unsealed building runoff or other hard water or mineral stains or spots

Home owners or rental properties asking how to remove water spots on windows from sprinklers, water spots from rain or runoff, water spots, streaks, haze or foggy glass from poor cleaning or other hard water or mineral stains or spots

How to remove water spots, hazy glass, fogged glass on shower doors, windows, automobile glass from alkaline products or acid rain or other hard water stains or spots.

Car washes where heavy water spots, deposits, alkaline haze, foggy glass or other hard water spots and stains are a problem.

Transportation applications where ships, buses, trains, etc. have problems with water spots, alkaline haze foggy glass hard water stains.

Industrial applications where glass picks up stains, spots, foggy appearance, mineral deposits, or stains and spots from hard water.

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I have never been so pleased with a product before.  The CRYSTAL CLEAR 550 cut right through years of alkaline haze and pollution build-up that was thought to be impossible to remove.
Doyline, LA

We have been in the widow business for 17 years...we started using CRYSTAL CLEAR 550 about 3 years ago and were truly amazed at how great it worked.  Our search for a perfect glass restoration chemical stopped with CRYSTAL CLEAR 550.
Goodyear, AZ

Now I am more then a window cleaner.  I now do glass restoration with the removal of water spots, haze, run off drips and any other corrosion
Reno, NV

We were never able to remove sprinkler spots and streaks from our hard alkaline water before we found 550.
Plano, TX

White alkaline haze, hard water spots, streaks and chemical stains from bulding run off are easy to remove with your product.
Phoenix, AZ

I can now restore glass I previously thought permantently damaged.  Hard water spots and fogged glass are a snap.
Boston, MA

My window cleaner used your product to remove stains from our windows and I have since tried it to remove hard water spots from my shower doors and am delighted.
Knoxville, TN

We just finished restoration of the glass at a car wash that had stains and deposits built up for years and the results were great.
San Bernardino, CA

The well water used by our sprinklers left hard water spots that several window cleaners had given up on but 550 was able to remove all the stains.
Deary, ID

After 10 years as a window cleaner I found something new for hard water spots and hazy glass.
West Frankfort, IL

Spots, haze, fogging, drip lines all taken care of with your product, thanks
Las Vegas, NV

The best cure on the market for hard water streaks, sprinkler spots and pollution stains.
Miami, FL