Today’s modern turnout gear is the principle barrier between the fire fighter and extreme danger! Toxic residues and dangerously combustible hydrocarbon deposits become embedded in the fabric of the turnout and pose a constant threat to the fire fighter as long as they remain. Heavy hydrocarbon deposits can absorb as much as 30% more radiant heat as clean, light colored turnouts! And sooty hydrocarbon build up could ignite, raising temperatures even higher!
WINSOL VERSITOL was constructed with consideration to the manufacturers of the specialized fibers used in turnouts. It was designed using safe, effective chelates, sequestriants and surfactants which, when used in a routine maintenance program, will reduce or eliminate much of the visible hydrocarbons and the toxins contained therein.
VERSITOL is designed to be safe when used by hand or, if  commercial washers are available, to be used in machine washing. Either way, VERSITOL can restore most of the garment’s original protective properties designed to protect the professional fire fighter.

“Using VERSITOL will restore much of the original fabric integrity you use turnouts for!”

Read entire label and OSHA (or Canadian WHMIS) Material Safety Data Sheet before using this or any Chemistry.

VERSITOL may be used in any conventional washing machine or may be used in a wash basin or tub to clean and restore designed protection, heat and fire resistance to your turnouts and may be used for station wear and washable uniform clothing, as well.

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